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Acrylic Nail File - Square Jumbo - White Sandpaper 80/80 Grit

Acrylic Nail File - Square Jumbo - White Sandpaper 80/80 Grit

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If you are searching for an even stronger, more durable and longer lasting nail file that you can depend on while filing acrylic nails.

If you hate flexible files, flimsy, cheap material made and cannot control its bendability, making it difficult and hand fatigue white filing down thick acrylic or shaping long nail tips.

Let try our White Sandpaper Cushion Nail File!

Premium Quality Nail Files: Scarlett White Coarse Nail files for acrylic nails are made with top quality abrasive, middle cushion and strong plastic center.

  • Designed with square end shape and double sides. These are salon quality nail files, so they are sturdy, durable nail filers that provide you a comfortable nail doing experience. You only just need to apply light pressure but can see results immediately and they will not bend!
  • Emery Board Nail Files are made of the real grits. 80 Grit Size – Extra Coarse and rough. Ideal for filing very thick acrylic nails or hard artificial nail tips.
Directions for Use: Nails should always be filed when dry to ensure smooth edges. Place the board under the nail edge and file in one direction only.
  • For Artificial & Acrylic Nails: Use board to smooth and blend the seams between artificial nails (or tips) and natural nails. Board can also be used for shaping and maintaining tips and edges of artificial and acrylic nails. Hold board at an angle and file in one direction only.

Care Instructions: This type of nail file is washable. Juts brush board under running water. Pat dry and allow to air dry. Keep out reach of children.

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