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Professional Nail File - Zebra 80/80 Coarse Grit - 7" Round

Professional Nail File - Zebra 80/80 Coarse Grit - 7" Round

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Zebra Acrylic Nail File made of high quality abrasive with strong plastic core and flexible cushion at middle for a better grip and filing all type of nail tips and acrylic powder.

  • For Artificial and Acrylic Nails: Zebra nail file 80/80 coarse grit can be used for shaping and maintaining long nail tips and edges of artificial and acrylic nails.
  • Round shape zebra nail files is the most convenient acrylic nail file for one - two times use as cost effective.
  • Our nail file is designed for professional salon, nail educators or DIY nails at home.

Scarlett nail file' grits for references:
# 80 Extra Coarse | # 100 Coarse | # 180 Fine
Packing per Bag for selection:
10pcs | 30pcs | 50pcs

Direction for use: Nails should always be filed when dry to ensure smooth edges. Place the board under the nail edge and file in one direction only.

Guide to Grits for Nail Technician
#80 Extra Coarse Grit to reduce the length of extra long false nails or shaping very thick or misshapen acrylic powder or gels.
#100 Coarse Grit to reduce the length of false nail tips and shaping acrylics or gels.
#180 Fine: Shaping the free edge of acrylics or gels and smoothing nail surface.

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