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Premium Nail File - Green 100/180 Grit - HALF MOON

Premium Nail File - Green 100/180 Grit - HALF MOON

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Green Mylar Nail File is made of supper premium, washable and most durable abrasive based on film. This acrylic nail file is designed with strong plastic core and flexible cushion at middle for a better grip and filing all type of long nail tips and thick acrylic nails.

  • For Artificial and Acrylic Nails: The 100 grit side can be used for shaping and maintaining long nail tips and edges of artificial and acrylic nails. The side of 180 grit can be use for shaping the free edge of acrylics or gels and smoothing nail surface.
  • Half Moon (harbor bridge) made of premium abrasive for quick filing and easily handle.
  • Our nail file is designed for professional salon, nail educators or DIY nails at home.

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