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Premium Nail File - Garnet 80/80 Coarse Grit - Wide Jumbo

Premium Nail File - Garnet 80/80 Coarse Grit - Wide Jumbo

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Garnet Nail Files is made of supper premium, washable, sharp and durable abrasive Japanese Origin . This is one of the best nail file for acrylic nails.

  • Designed with strong plastic core and flexible cushion at middle for a better grip and filing all type of long nail tips and thick acrylic nails. This Garnet Nail File is washable, sandpaper will not swell, shred or peel apart when filling.
  • For Artificial and Acrylic Nails, 80/80 coarse grit Nail File can be used for shaping and maintaining long nail tips and edges of artificial and acrylic nails.
  • Nail File designed for Professional Nail Technicians, require quick filing and perfect nail shapes.

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10pcs | 30pcs | 50pcs

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