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NOTPOLISH - Revenge Ex Collection Powder (OG195-OG200)

NOTPOLISH - Revenge Ex Collection Powder (OG195-OG200)

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This Complete Collection comes with all 6 Shades in 2oz. Imagine if your boo dumped you…on Valentine’s day. What would you do? Well, if you’re a bad a** Not Polish Babe like we know you are, you cry for 30 seconds, wipe your tears and call up your next bae. We call this type of payback, Revenge Ex.

The Revenge Ex Collection features brand new colors ranging from berry red, to sultry mauves, to peek-a-boo nudes. The colors featured in this Collection are guaranteed to find you a new boo before the night is over.

Role Play: Since it’s valentines day, why not try something new;) Role play is a sheer berry pink acrylic with large iridescent glitters that’ll transform your whole look. Go from nice babe to naughty babe in the blink of an eye.

Pull Up: Date Night plans fell through? Well, call up your backup babe and tell ‘em to Pull Up. Our new Pull Up acrylic is a sheer nude acrylic with large iridescent glitters so that way when they Pull Up, you’ll at least be wearing a lil something;)

In the Mood: We get it, its late and you’re feeling a way;) Our newest acrylic, In the Mood is a salmon pink color that’ll make any babe feel fun and flirty.

Sneaky Link: Don’t want people all in your biz? Well, this new acrylic can be our little secret;) Sneaky Link is a bright and bold berry red acrylic perfect for those late night meet ups. So when people look at you, they’ll know something is up without really knowing what’s up. It’s just nobody’s business.

Blocked: If they’re not acting right, block ‘em and move on to the next. Blocked is a sultry mauve color that excludes badass babes vibes. There’s no better way of getting over someone than to completely remove them from your life.

Swipe Right: Go ahead and dust off your dating profile and let the requests roll in. Our new Swipe Right acrylic is a fun peachy acrylic that’ll go with any date night activities. Whether it’s the arcade or a fancy dinner, you’ll have tons of potential babes swiping right on you.

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