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Nail Drill Bit 5-in-1 Straight Cut #48 3/32 - Fine

Nail Drill Bit 5-in-1 Straight Cut #48 3/32 - Fine

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You are a nail technician and looking for a good quality nail drill bit for your nail design works. We have one 5-in-1 nail drill bit medium coarse, could help you to takes down a whole set of acrylics super-fast which mean cuts your work time down and it doesn’t build much heat. It’s definitely for both beginner and experienced nail techs.

They are safety bits so you don't have to work about cutting the clients. They get right up in the cuticle and sidewalls.

It removes the gel polish and acrylic smoothly and easily, without gouging the nail.

This one bit will be last for a long time because it is made of superior tungsten carbide, the hardest material next to diamonds and American Made product.

The shape of top head of this nail bit makes it easy to get around the cuticle.

Product Specifications:

  • Fits 3/32'' shank size, medium coarse grit. Two-way rotation nail carbide bit - suitable for both left and right-handed.
  • 5-in-1 multiple function designs: the coarseness on the drill surface changes from top to the bottom: top is for cutting dead skin, 2nd part is double extra fine grit, 3rd part is extra fine grit, and the bottom base is fine grit. So this nail drill bit is perfect for use on acrylics or hard gels, can be used to clean, shape, cut, smooth and remove.
  • This 5-in-1 drill bit comes with dust caps.
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