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Transfer Foil Nails Ombre Color Foil Nail Design

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Transfer Foil for Nails Ombre Color Foil Nail Design

  • 100% brand new and high quality transfer foil.
  • Nail Foils Suitable for UV gel and acrylic nails.
Specification of our Transfer Foil Nails:
  • Quantity: 10 Rolls/Box.
  • Color: As the picture shows.

Package Contents: 10 Rolls/ Nail Foils 100cm length approx per roll

Nail Foil professional use steps:

1- Prepare your nail bed by shaping, pushing cuticles back, cleaning the nail bed etc.
2- Apply base coat and cure under led/uv lamp.
3- Apply colour nail polish and cure under uv/led (not required depending on the foil you're using).
4- Apply a thin layer of nail foil glue and cure for 60 seconds under LED OR 2 minutes for UV lamps.
5- Cut a piece of foil and apply it to your nail, rubbing repeatedly with your finger or a nail foil tool.
6- Peel away any excess foil leaving the foil pattern on the nail.
7- Apply top coat and cure under UV/LED lamp.

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