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Set 24 Pieces Mixed in a Box - Handmade 3D Flowers Nails

Set 24 Pieces Mixed in a Box - Handmade 3D Flowers Nails

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One of must have item nail art for Spring Nail Design is 3D Flowers Nails. 100 % Handmade by Color Acrylic Powder. With the design underneath of the flowers, it helps to apply on the nails easily. 

  • With different designs & colored, 3D acrylic flowers make your nail look stunning. 
  • 3D flower nail designs can last for a long time by correct application on acrylic nails.
  • Packing 24 pieces in a box (12 3D flower nail designs)

How to apply 3D Acrylic Flowers on Nails:

  • 3D Acrylic Flowers are handmade so it will sit nicely on your nail bed like it create it for you .
  • Recommend using a bead of acrylic to adhere to your nails. Alternative is nail glue. Press and hold for a few seconds for it to stay in place. Top coat is necessary.
  • To remove, use an old cuticle nipper and clip from the sides until It come off. Finish with a hand/electric file until smooth.
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