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Scarlett Nail Supplies

Colors Metallic Gel Paint

Colors Metallic Gel Paint

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Metallic Gel Paints are formulated with the highest quality.

Non Wipe, Non Sticky, Dry in few seconds Painting Gel.

Gel paint is the latest nail art innovation making waves in the industry and with good reason.
Matellic paint gel Gold, Rose Gold, Silver can be used to achieve virtually any design in a matter of minutes.

Metallic Gel Paint are:

  • Highly Pigmented, best applied in thin layers
  • Easy to manipulate for fine or large details
  • Colors cure without a tacky layer, allowing for art on top of the top coat (if desired)
  • Metallics cure with a slight inhibition layer
  • 60 second LED cure, 2 minute UV cure
  • Professionals use only

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