Nail File Grit For Natural and Acrylic Nails

What is the Best Nail File for Acrylic Nails?

What is the Best Nail File for Acrylic Nails?

Acrylic nails are harder than gel nails, so they require a little more pressure when filing. A 100/180 grit nail file should still suffice for both shaping and debulking acrylic nails – the 100 grit side can reduce length and take down the surface; the softer 180 grit side can be used for shaping the natural nail.

What grit nail file to remove gel?

When removing gel nails, you want to make sure that you do not damage the natural nail underneath by using too coarse a nail file.
For removing gel nails, a medium grit 100/180 nail file is usually best. If you are removing soak off gel polish, it is usually best to use a 180 grit nail file to break through the top coat before applying the remover for as long as needed.
Once the gel polish is completely removed, you can gently buff the nail with a 180 grit buffer if needed – but, be very gentle and take care that you aren’t thinning the nail.

What Grit File to Use on Natural Nails?

Never use a nail file with a grit coarser than 240 on the surface of natural nails – buffers can be coarser, as they have a cushioned layer which offers more protection.
A 180 grit nail file should be fine for shaping the natural nails.

Nail file Grit for Acrylic and Natural Nails

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