What is EMA monomer and is EMA really safe?

EMA Monomer or general call as Acrylic Monomer is effective acrylic liquid to sculpt beautiful acrylic nails that are strong yet flexible, and won’t yellow or lift. This liquid is low odor and contains EMA, a non-toxic ingredient that won’t harm nails or skin.

Is EMA really safe ? Clients can be assured that they are being serviced with a safe, high quality liquid that produces smooth, strong, natural enhancements.

  • You will be happy to know that Ethyl Methcrylate is one of the most studied monomers on Earth. There is a huge amount of scientific literature that backs up the safety of this important substance. It is used in everything from household plastics to medical devices that are implanted in the body.
  • There is no evidence that EMA can affect or harm unborn babies. The strange odor of the substance concerns people and makes them fearful. But odor has nothing to do with safety. Some very dangerous chemicals have no odor or even smell sweet and wonderful.
  • Of course, you should still take care and work safely. Working safely is important no matter what your profession. Nail techs should make sure they use proper ventilation to control both dusts and vapors. Nothing in the world is 100% safe. Millions have died from over exposure to water. Even so, we know that water can be used safely. The same is true for nail enhancement products.

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